June 17, 2010


Hey people.

An ad for my position has been posted on brudirect.com. If you guys are interested. :P

I'm leaving Freme!!

Whooo it has really been quite a journey for me and I believe that I still have a LOT to learn. Actually, I feel like I was just getting started to know my job a little better but ah well, like I said, I'm leaving.

The ring being there really spoils it. A totally different story :P

There's still a lot for me to learn. And I really wonder when will the list from UBD be out. I'm so excited. And nervous. I wanna meet new people and have an awesome life. haha I know, easier said than done.

Life is but a long winding journey. But we all know the road ends somewhere. =/

On a lighter note, I ordered something again! OMG I NEED HELP!! I ordered these really cool looking lip balm which shows up a lot on Michelle Phan's videos on youtube. And they are...


EOS lip balms!

I ordered two eventhough I don't need it. =/ But I really wanna try it coz the people on youtube kept telling me how awesome they are and stuff so I had to! They forced me!! :P

I ordered the pink one and the honeydew one. or something. For BND10 each.

I think you can get it for USD3+ in the states.

Oh and Revlon's colorburst lipsticks finally arrived in Brunei. Thank God! I was watching these vids on youtube (again) and was wondering why the heck is Brunei lacking these lipsticks. I mean they're from Revlon! Why we don't have it here one?? See, even my broken english also come out already. Sigh

I got this soft nude which really pretty! Esp like if you wanna make a really dramatic look on the eyes. This lip colour will totally balance the look out. LOVE IT!

Soft nude.

Like, so ngam if you wanna look like this:



Or this!


Not very good examples I know haha but you get the gist! :D

Okaylah, I lazy to type already. :P Till next time!

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