April 28, 2008

watched da muvie! :)

i couldn't concentrate in class today. especially during eco class. i always have this tendency of wandering into my dreamland when the teacher is xplaining stuff. i'd just stare at her but the sound in my head drowns out her voice. i think she need to learn how to teach. =p if only mr.ayaz would teach her. hahah.. jux jokin.. its just that she always explains stuff using that economic language, and u know me- i own a very lagging brain. T.T

anyways, i was thinking about the day ahead. coz im going to watch jackie chan's forbidden kingdom. i even picked out what outfit i'm gonna wear while i was daydreaming in class =D daydreaming is my hobby XD hahah.. oyeah and i hav dis b.stu test today. and i totally blew it T.T just wrote down whatever i know =P hehee oh i just remember, im having another math test tomorrow. -.- yawn.. everyday test test test.. is this what life is all about? hahah i guess i'll just study that tomorrow during my PS. circular measure makes my head goes round in circles.

we watched a kind of documentary (or whatever it is =P) in GP class just now. its called an inconvenient truth. about global warming one. u guys should really watch it. especially if u couldn't sleep. lols XP it wasnt that bad, but all those graphs, man, sigh.. all in all, i still hope we get to watch these stuffs for the next two years =D

the muvie's great, by the way. its really funny but i'd prefer it if they speak chinese. coz it seemed really unnatural when they spoke english as all of them are chinese except that guy( forgot his name. XD) and i was surprised when even the god from heaven with the white moustache speaks english. 1st time i see =P but its for a good cause though, coz that way anyone can watch it, which increases demand and leads to higher profit. damn, taking b.stu really gets to me. =P

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