April 2, 2008

Presentation finally over =D

we had a GP presentation just now. its about water pollution. wasn't all that bad but i was quite shaken initially. i realised that people get all these butterflies when they are about to perform but when they actually performed on the stage, it wasn't as scary as they thought. =) i know ive stumbled across a few words at the same time though. eek! T.T

when i was in secondary school, one person have to give a speech every week during the assembly. unfort
unately, the teacher chose me. hahah.. well, i prepared the speech (coincidently its also about the environment, mother earth) and when i finally went up the stage to deliver this speech, ive forgotten a part of it n remembered blabbering words i made up right at that moment, coz i dont wanna look down on the paper.

Suddenly some bird flew by and dropped its droppings on it. -.-'' as if that's not disgusting enough, the weather was really breezy that morning and the paper flew back and nearly came in contact with my skin, with the droppings still fresh. eeww... T.T how unfortunate can i get? sigh.. luckily i didn't get to feel how warm it still was. ughh... hahah =P

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