April 14, 2008

found my dear friends.. muahahaha

i was glad i got to find some of my old (and some new :D) friends here on blogger. its kinda hard when u didn stay in touch but all the same. ive found u!! HUAHAHAHA =D

yesterday i went to d $1.80 shop at kb and i saw these reli pinkish hello kitty present paper. i bought a couple and stick them on my(my sis's actually, i slept there XP) bedrum wall. it luks GOOD man. lols. i tink its cute lah, rather than the fading pink wall behind it. T.T even my sis suggested me to buy some more (which i'm gonna du later after skul). my dad thought it looks lyk the toilet's wall tho.. [dad.. give me some support la -.-''] i'll post d pix here soon ^^ hehee

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