April 18, 2008

crybaby T.T

recently, i watched a few movies and one of em is a long forgotten muvie: A walk to remember. starring mandy moore and another guy i forgot his name. anyway, its reli a sad movie coz the girl died in the end after having this sickness called... i forgot again. -.-'' cancer somethinglah. so, obviously i cried. i'm a sucker for sad endings n sad movies lol.. i love watching these korean movies which made me cry so hard T.T the harder the better haha =P

about 2 weeks ago, i dreamt about my cat, mourrie, and her kittens died coz a friend of mine, Teck kai(he starred in my dream hehe=D), stepped on it. I cried in my sleep and i kept blaming him for everything till i sobbed a lil too hard and it wakes me up.

eventhough i was awake, i was still sobbing. i touched my cheeks and they were wet. -.-'' cant believe i was reli crying eventhough i was actually dreaming. after that i went back to sleep as if nothing happened. XP its a wierd situation lols

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