April 30, 2008

tired la

the maths test just now wasn't as difficult as i thought but still, i doubt that i'm gonna get 100%. yup. careless mistakes still haunt me T.T

i'm not having any eco class tomorrow. yay! but i still have an essay to do, which i haven't. sigh.. i guess i'll just do it in the morning during my PS-again. now's 1.41am by the way. i just woke up not long ago. my body system crashed around 7pm and i couldn't sleep anymore. so here i am.

its all about school nowadays coz my life outside of school ain't interesting enough to jolt down. my sg.liang friends did invite me to hang out with them, but i was busy. besides, they just wanted to go seria's arcade. i haven't been there before and i'm not interested in being there. *yawns*

i wanna watch narnia2... i watched the trailer and it seemed really interesting! oh, and indiana jones too! harrison ford looks old odi hehee but he can still fight XP they said the forbidden kingdom's gonna be jackie chan's last movie. i don't know if thats true but i surely hope that it isn't. :(

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