April 1, 2008

Crisis averted!

Phew~ finally found my Eco dictionary. somehow, i left it behind in Eco class and was able to retrieve it from the teacher. -.-" lucky me. well, at least it wasn't stolen by anyone else. wouldn't know what to do if that happens. XD

Nowadays i hav always been hanging around the PS area although i don't really have any friends there. most of my friends hang out at the canteen and well, i just didn't like the environment there. it has also been a while since i last ate at the canteen.

The food is..erm.. extraordinary, i guess =P lols. the last time i bought anything from there i actually stood in front of the stall for 5mins. just staring at the food... and then turn around and walk away. hopefully forever XP lols.

Today is actually april fool's day but i'm so over that. i'll find the reason why this day exist and post it here asap. It seems rather pointless though, this whole april fool thing. =/

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