April 6, 2008


Recently we have this g.p presentation in class and i must say, there are a few which is actually really gud. =D total confidence. it's like watching your teacher teach. very impressive hehee

on the other hand, there is also quite a few (sadly, including me T.T) which wasn't all that good. i've seen quite a few which is erm.. sorry to say.. very entertaining to watch. lols. one looks like he/she is about to have an asthma attack and another still have his/her cereal or whatever it is -.-'' on the edge of his/her lips. i wasn't sitting in the front but i could see it clearly. so distracting man! hahah.. i was staring at it and it was all i could do to stop me from touching the edge of MY lips. Anyhows, i still have a lot to improve myself. sigh..

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