July 2, 2012

Just for fun weekend

The siblings and I decided to go up to Bandar just to check out the Consumer fair at Bridex because we have never been to one before even though it has been around for what, 7 years?? lol The whole thing was really unplanned, one minute we were eating breakfast in the kitchen and the next I am applying my makeup ready to head out! 

And I just remembered that me and Shala won some prizes from Skin79 from a quiz they made on their facebook page so we headed to Kiulap Mall first.

Coincidentally they were having that 50% off sale and this time their very famous Hot Pink BB Cream was on sale for B$19.95! Can't pass that up now can we? ;)

Me waiting for the lady to pass me my goodies lol

Funny story. While we were paying, Shala passed her B$20 and the cashier lady gave B$19.95 back as change! We were staring at the money she's handing to us with "wtf" written all over our faces. haha! Super funny but she's prolly new so that's okay. We got our correct amount of change back in the end. 
Decided to get two of the Snail Nutrition BB Cream because I wanna try em out!

The back of the packaging. These girls are super gorgeous!
Made a quick stop at my fav store in Kiulap Mall, Shop at Sarah's!
I want one of each please thank you
Next door candy shop. They have these cute things which you can take pictures with!

For example lol

Bro Stephen and me. 
Me and Shala at Teo Poi Hoon
Arm Candy of the day. 

Just kidding. These are literally the only bracelets that I own. And they are gifted to me by Shala! Haha So basically I don't really own any bracelets at all. I've never been very much into bracelets but I'd like to be! Some other time maybe.

The Crowd at the Consumer Fair in Bridex

Surprisingly there were a lot of parking spaces when we reached there! I guess maybe it's because it was the last day and everyone has already been to the place? But it's still pretty crowded! 
Hands down my favourite stall in the Consumer fair! From Ec-Fashion! Check out their facebook page! Everything is super cheap! 

These necklaces ranges from B$6 - B$13. I have their facebook page since forever ago but never bought anything from them because I wasn't sure of the quality of their stuff. But now that I saw them in person, they are gorgeous!! These can easily go for far more expensive in Ego. I got a few things here which I will share with you guys in the near future so look out for that. ;D


  1. Your day out seems fun! Everything on the NYX stand looks good- I'd LOVE one of each please!! =-)

  2. hi shely, i have a question that i wanna ask you.. Did your sister did her masters in the UK last year? is it under MOE scholarship? Cos i have some questions that i wanna ask her if she is under moe scholarship. sorry yea. i cant find any other ways to contact you because you did not follow my twitter..

  3. @Pinky Hi there! yeah she is under MOE scholarship. :) Can go ahead and ask her. Her twitter's @shalalee



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