July 17, 2012

Arm Candy + Rook Piercing + FOTD

I know this is going to be a very random post so bear with me! I went to the perayaan in KB yesterday and is it me or are there very few stalls there? Like less than half of the previous years. I actually haven't been to the perayaan for a good few years now because it's always the same ol' same ol' and one thing will always stay the same; the heat! Don't know how those stall vendors are able to stand the heat while barbecuing/frying food! Madness.

I was able to grab a couple of things from Stary Stary Nite's stall. Wanted to get the cutesy rings too but stopped myself because I haven't even really wore the ones I bought weeks ago yet. These bracelets costs B$8 each but B$15 if you buy two. Not much difference actually but they're cute!

I bought the bangles because the curvy gold ones are super cute! Don't really care for the chunky bangle with the floral print but they come in a set of four so that's that. I really like the gold bracelet even though they look a little kiddish with the pink and yellow charms. But it's all good because they don't break the bank and I can use em to spice up my outfit! Which is basically a t-shirt and a pair of jeans... #ihavezerofashionsense

Shala got this set of keys and key hole charms for me a while back. We aren't big on giving keys as a 21st birthday gift so she decided to buy this on a whim when we visited a handicraft store in KB.

The keys and key holes are pretty heavy-duty and are made of this steel/brass material. They have this antique feel to them which is really nice and you can use it as a locket for a necklace or a bracelet charm or anything you like, really. I bought some strings, charms and stuff from Nanyang and Sharon put them together for me.

Sharon made me this bracelet!

The other charms are not very expensive too, I think they cost about B$0.30-B$0.60 each. I particularly like the little silver clock!

My rook piercing

I just recently noticed that my rook piercing has completely healed and it doesn't feel tender anymore if I pinch it lol This actually took quite a while to completely heal because I sleep on my left side sometimes and when I woke up it would hurt so bad. I might have slept on it the whole night for all I know. Before this I used a black stud but it doesn't look as good so I bought the silver one from Ego for B$6.90 I think. Love it now!

I remembered having to take out all of my piercings a while back for my X-Ray and that time I just had my industrial pierced. It was such a pain in the arse to take the bar out and put it back on! Not an easy thing to do in the hospital especially when there are no mirrors around in the room and the silver balls at the end of the bars are so tiny! Plus the piercings are still healing at the time so putting them back on stung a little. Not fun.

So that's the little story of my industrial piercing. I suppose I can always remove them if I get bored but for now, I quite like all the piercings that I have!

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The FOTD that I did here is inspired by the many makeup tutorials that has been recently been put up by beauty gurus on youtube recently, which is the brown smokey eyes or as they put it the 'bronze goddess' makeup look. I am in no way up to par with the expertise of these makeup gurus but it sure is fun to recreate looks inspired by them!

I was using Skin 79's Vital Orange BB Cream mixed with their Snail Nutrition BB Cream which have very high SPF in them. I look super pale here. Either because the SPF might have reflected the light off my face or the BB Cream is simply a tad light for my skin. I also used MAC's Blackground Paint Pot which is a black base underneath the brown eyeshadow. On my lips one of my favorite lip products by Revlon; Protective Liptint SPF15 Rosy Rose.


  1. Hi Shelly, may I know what's the name of the shop that you bought the keys from? =)

  2. @Anonymous Hi, it's called Jadyn's Art Gallery. :)



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