July 6, 2012

Mini jewelry haul

In this post I'll be sharing with you guys the jewelry that I got from the Consumer fair last weekend. I didn't get a lot of things from EC-Fashion of course. Coz I don't think it's practical to buy so many necklaces and stuff in one go. Not like I'm stocking up for a fashion show or anything =/

"Okay I'll take this one..."

What I ended up getting!

We actually saw another necklace similar to this one but with just the keys and no keyholes so I chose this instead. Seems more complete that way hahah

Owl jewelry used to be really trendy a few seasons back. Now it's arm candy, right? But I still think owl anything is super cute!


I added the gold flower from this earring that I will show you below. Anyways I really love this particular one! The necklace goes really long till around my waist and I love the silver feather. There's also a real black feather which is hardly visible from this photo. I love feather jewelry too btw lol
Never owned any rings that required two fingers to fit so I got this. My reason for buying this is totally unjustified but who cares~
Because the ribbon is basically made of metal, this ring is kinda on the heavier side but it's cute so I got it!

Cutest pair of earrings evar! They're so tiny!

I bought these earrings at a small shop in Kiulap Mall. 3 pairs for B$10. As for the necklaces and rings, I know that they must have cost only a few dollars each from the wholesaler? Personally I don't mind the price because they are pretty cheap already but if you prefer on getting them for an even cheaper price I'd say try ebay. I found a few sellers which sells the exact ones for way cheaper!

I'm not one to wait for things that I want so I'd rather pay a higher price for something just to get my hands on them quicker! haha oh well. To each her own~

If you're interested in the necklaces and rings, I know Stary Stary Nite on facebook sells them too for roughly the same price. They will be available at the Tudung Saji in KB (pasar malam) during the celebration of His Majesty's birthday so do check them out!



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