July 11, 2012


If you haven't noticed I recently changed the layout again. I think I was a little tired of the pink colored background which I always tend to gear towards every time I changed the layout of my blog. The blue does give off a calm ambiance doesn't it? Well I like it and I hope you do too!

Here's a random FOTD from a couple of weeks ago. The eye look is inspired by the many female Korean artists who like to extend their eyeshadow to 'elongate' the eyes. 

 I'm wearing NYX's Indian Pink. Love the color!

 Here's the fishtail braid I did in the car without the help of a mirror #messyashell

Random Shala with her food


I don't think I've ever mentioned this before but my sister Sharon is really good with handicraft! She has her own station in her bedroom where she makes all these beautiful crafts and stuff. Sometimes she'd talk to me about them and tell me how stuff works and how she made the things but well, I never really understood how a person can be so into crafts just like how she never really understood my love for makeup lol

Her craft station

This used to be a plain white A4 paper!

Some of the cards Sharon made

 More cards!

 Love these. So colorful!

Her stash of handicraft materials.

Anyways, there's still a few weeks left to go before school starts. Many of my friends are going into internships soon whilst I'm stuck doing incubation in UBD. Ugh. This better be worth it!


  1. wow~!! ur sis is really talented in those arts and crafts stuff~~ ^_^

  2. You have such nice skin. I like the way you did your eyes! :)

    Your sister is incredible...Those cards look like they're from an elite factory!

  3. @Pinkie yeah she is! she's actually selling those cards. :p

    @Amyboo thank you. It's the foundation I'm wearing lol! And thanks for the compliment, my sis will be very happy to know that! haha

  4. How fun- I love the eyeliner! and the lips too. The cards look awesome!!



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