July 27, 2012

Haul from Miri!

I went down to Miri last week and from the tweets I read, a lot of Bruneians went down as well. Saw a few friends here and there in some of the malls and seeing them again reminds me that school is about to start soon because everyone's doing some last minute retail therapy! Anyways most of the pictures in this post are taken in my home's backyard. Just thought I'd switch it up every once in a while. Hope you guys like it as much as I do!

I finally got to visit Sasa for the first time! And to my horror, Stage cosmetics is no longer available in Parkson! Ugh what happened?? I must be the last person to find out that they closed down, since I hardly ever go down to Miri. I always bought my brush cleanser from Stage, now I don't know where else to find a good one. Maybe DIY them??

The Balm blusher in Cabana boy and eyeshadow Palette Nude'tude

I'm so glad Sasa have Nude'tude in stock! Coz the last time I asked a friend and she said it was sold out when she went there. Score for me!! haha What's more I got it for only RM85! It was discounted from RM115! The blusher also has a discount but I really don't remember how much I paid for them in total. I just know I'm happy haha Actually I'm surprised at myself for being so good, I thought I would go crazy in Sasa but apparently not. *patselfonback*

But now I'm eyeing Za's Cheeks Groovy blushers. They look so darn gorgeous! One of the shades look so much like Nars Orgasm!

Za's Cheeks Groovy blushers. Can you tell which of them looks like Nars Orgasm blush? 

I walk past one of these booths in Parkson selling fragrances and saw that they sell false eyelashes too. Many of the shops there even sell the Ardell falsies but those costs RM22! B$10 for a pair of lashes? Heck no! So I got these instead. A box for RM12! I know you can get them for far cheaper online or wherever but these are good enough for me! I go through these really slowly so I know two boxes are gonna last me a while. 

SasaTinnie makeup remover wipes

These makeup remover wipes are on sale in Sasa for 50% off so I just grabbed them. They smell a little funky but works wonders! I normally just use the regular wet wipes to remove my makeup so these are perfect. Plus they claim to have all these ingredients that are supposedly good for the skin so I thought why not. 

I bought a new wallet! Finally! I bought this in Parkson where they always have this super awesome 10%-70% sale going on all the time there and my favourite thing to do is rake through all the bags, wallet and clutches to see if I can find any good deals and most of the time, I do! I like that all the stuff there has a brand and it reassures me that at least the stuff have quality.

Two random pair of earrings bought last minute just before we left for home. The earrings on the right is super cute. Reminds me of an atom. The hoop earrings is a purple color but it gives of a pink shine in another light, so pretty! Much like the popular duo chrome nail polishes!


Last but not least...


I bought a dreamcatcher! I was so surprised when I saw this in Boulevard. Me and the siblings we just stepped on the elevator going up and I turned left and there was this stall hanging all of these beautiful dreamcatchers! I almost screamed I kid you not! I wanted to run down the elevator and charge towards the stall so bad but Shala insisted that we eat lunch first lol So we ate and I half-walked-half-ran back to the stall...

A stalk-ish photo of the stall. lol

As you can see this dreamcatcher is not that big at all but it is quite pricey for what it is! But if you know me you know how pretty much obsessed I am with dreamcatchers (see my blog header lol) so I'm glad I got one!


  1. I have a dreamcatcher as well ! I actually bought it from Spain when I was little and visiting there with my family. I love them as well hehe ~ They're beautiful somehow magical aren't they ? * ^ ^ *

  2. that's a pretty dreamcatcher u have there~~ ^_^ oo.. so now SASA in Miri has more range of items.. the last time i went there, they are still newly opened. still have boxes here and there and items not on rack yet.. haha~ shall go there again, once i balik brunei in September~ hehe~

  3. @Annika ahh interesting! Yes they are, beautiful. I love them!

    @Pinkie yeah when i went, there are still some boxes lying around but most of the stuff are on display thank goodness haha!

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  5. hye!! how are you dear? i hope you are well hehe .Ermmm so I'm just here going to ask that in wht shopping department do they have sasa ? I'm going to be there next weekend so i really really need to knw the address .



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