July 21, 2012

Hair bow

So I don't know how long this hair 'trend' has been around or how long it has been since the trend passed but I only just recently saw this cute hair bow tutorial on youtube and as intricate as it may look (not really but you get my point), this is actually so easy to create it's kinda ridiculous. Makes me angry at myself for not trying this out earlier! lol

Previously I did try this out but with another method for a smaller bow in case you don't wanna use all of your hair for one big bow and you just want a smaller one like so:

Anyway, believe it or not the bigger bow is actually easier to create than the smaller one. Here's how I learned to do it!

This would look great especially for those people who are blessed with thick luscious hair! You can get a bigger bow! haha Well for me I'll have to make do with what amount of hair I have and tease the hell out of it before I style it. It's okay to cheat every once in a while, no one will notice!

Try this out if you haven't! I don't know if I'll wear this out though, it's a little too 'out there' for me. haha but who knows. 21 is not too old for this hairstyle... right? lol



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