May 23, 2008

I love david cook!

YAY! david cook won the american idol. by 12million votes more. archuleta don't stand a chance. muahahah XD i actually cried when his name was announced. so happy >.< and the day before, that simon kept critisizing him. hmmph! i love love love his voice hee =3

we have this math test and i was totally unprepared. have too much things to do, no time to study for that bah. (i went to kb and watched anime =P) hopefully i didn't fail heheh.. no GP and B.stu class on sat! yay! okay, i really have to stop saying yay -.-''

ohyeah. allowance is finally out. although its only for march. dang... they're slow in these stuffs. i wonder why. even mkjb and ubd aint this slow. and its just 45, not 300. anyway, it doesnt matter.

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