May 8, 2008

basketball match

hmm.. i went to seria kg.baru to watch some bball match. i believe its the semi-final today. and i saw lotsa people i know^^ (know doesn't mean we're friends though) XP i went with my super- active friend, kaeli and her parents. (kaeli ahh... p.s. stop pulling my beautiful rapunzel hair T.T i know ure jealous bah hehehe =P) anyway we kinda end up just talking with each other and laughing our heads off. =D

yay.. tomorrow no school. so fed up already, everyday study the same subject. =/ the class that i recently dread the most is eco, coz i know there's a chance the teacher is giving back our testpaper and thats the last thing i want. T.T so hard eh the subject.

i wanted to get 1 more piercing on my ear.. zaffy called it the 'anti-tragus' piercing. but i couldn't find the word 'tragus' in my dictionary. makes me wonder how it really spells. hopefully i'll get one this sunday at seria. but i'm afraid that they'll do it wrongly. i need an expert =P lols

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