May 18, 2008

happie birthday to mee!

its 1.45am. my birthday's over.. boo.. hahah but i did have a great time. for those of u who have no idea when my bday is, its on the 17th of may. yeap, lee hom's bday too.. yay!

as usual, i didn have a party but i invited some of my cousin n gud gud friend, kaeli. hmm.. i noticed that her name shows up in my post regularly =P im going shopping with her 2muro, using the angpau money i got frm my mum n dad's friends hehe.. oh dont worry, im saving about 70% of the money. hehee xD i have lotsa pics to post but i'll just post it 2muro. very tired right now..

i received a few 'xtraordinary' gifts from my mum. im not gonna complain though. yea thanx mum. XD lotsa ppl greet me in school today! im so happy they remembers it. eventhough sme save the date in their hp, still.. hehee they are: hui yi, nyet chee, min hui, ain, zaffy, lely, syafiqah, amelia, hannah, ying ying, xiao ching, lydia, farah, lisa, sandy. thanxx..=)

i have 3 wishes which i prayed would come true. god give me strength. =P

(Shen ri quai le, wo dui zi ji shuo~.. XP)

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