May 28, 2008

In the spirit

Love this. source is deviantart.com.

Aint it cute?? ^^ i got this from deviantart.com. lotsa stuff to see there. i think its nice for going to people's wedding or some kinda prom. =)

I wanna buy this mascara. the brand is "fasio'. but its not sold here in brunei. i got this picture from a singapore magazine... nice right? =D
i have decided not to use my savings for tattoo. instead, i'm gonna use it on ... shopping!! YAY!!! =D i cant believe i just said that. haha... anyway, i'm going to bandar this Sat and i'll shop till i drop. Wont be giving no damn second thoughts. muahahaha...(evil laugh..)
Math test ain't that bad but there are some question which i couldn't do. i was in a rush coz i thought that i couldn't finish it in 1hr 30 mins. and i kinda finish the paper in 1hr. and the answer sheet looked like its been through hell. haha...esp since we cant use blanko. so many cancelling and stuff. xD my next paper is on next monday. the LAST paper which i'm going to attack...heh heh heh

I have a feeling that the more i post, the more its about girly stuff. sigh... i'll try to be more uni-sex in posting next time. haha..

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