May 6, 2008


okay i am realy, realy, realy tired today. ive been yawning ever since i woke up. today, school is pure torture and i cant seem to stop myself from asking what time is it every 10minutes. (sorry nyet chee, i know ive annoyed u XP)

i realised our GP teacher is very rude sometimes. and he has NO sense of humour. its no wonder why many of his students escape frequently. i was shown a class photo which has me in it by a fellow classmate, shukri. i have no idea we were classmates before though..=P that photo was taken in the year 1996. i was 5. hopefully no one noticed my socks in the photo!! (i repeat, p.s. dont look at my socks! T.T) embarassing.. hahaha

math class is uh.. how do i put this. extra irritating. it starts from 12.45pm to 3pm. above all she gave us so many homework i actually felt like vomiting right there and then. luckily i didnt. =/

sorry bout the bad things i say today about ppl. feeling kinda moody right now.
i still have an eco test which i havent studied yet. sigh..

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