May 9, 2008


oh gosh.. nearly forgotten to post some nonsense today. XP

this morning, sharon woke me up at 5a.m. as usual, and asked me to quickly get ready for school, on a friday. -.-'' i looked at her sternly and asked her wat day is it today and went right back to sleep without waiting for her to answer. im so annoyed at her man.. -.- and thats not the first time it has happened. gosh.. feel like strangling her =P

me and sharon sang some karaoke starting frm 8pm to arnd 10pm non-stop. i think i've lost my voice T.T but its fun though. i enjoy singing =D esp chinese songs but i dont know how to read them =(

i wonder why our butts dont go flat once we sat on a chair for the whole day. so random. haha XP

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