May 12, 2008

I hate mondays!

this could be the day that i hated the most so far. our teacher told us to do some short answer question in eco class. short answer my foot. 1 question but two pages of answer. u call that short. huh. luckily b.stu class is only 40mins long. the fans n lights are not working so he let us go early. with another essay as our homework.

i actually wanna watch ironman 2moro at the mall but maths class is gonna be extended till 3pm. WARNING: i'll be real moody tomorrow. ps don't come near me unless u want a slap =D

i mentioned something about saving money last month and i think i wana spend it on shopping. hahaa.. either shopping or tattooing but.. but... sigh.. its so hard to decide! XD i wanted a lil' bit of everything haha =) i guess i'll just continue saving till i come up with a good solution. muahahaha XD

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