May 11, 2008

final match

the final bball match was yesterday. the place wasn't crowded though. surprise, surprise. okay this time i realy have to say it. that place was crawling with SMSA students! lols.. i remember i used to go there a few years back and there's no one i knew. now, familiar faces everywhere. i guess we all have a thing for bball? =D

I have tons of homework waiting for me. but i really dont feel like doing it. sigh..

oyeah, i saw one of my friends yesterday and she had her tattoo modified. it looked much better now than it was then. she went to this tattoo place in parkson and did it for rm200. i have the pic but i dont think i could post it here. its not lyk the tattoo belonged to me. T.T anyways, the tattoo artist used 9 needles to do it at a time but she said it doesn't hurt at all. =D steady, huh? hee..

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