May 2, 2008

ghastly encounter

do you believe in ghost?

i'm not sure myself whether they exist or not but i do think that i've encounter those wierd wierd stuff. it was many years ago but i remember it very clearly. coz its not something that u forget. period.

it happened in the year 2000. i was studying in st.margarets dat tym. primary4. we were having our karate tournament in the mumong complex. (yeah, ive taken karate b4 but i suck at it.=P) anyways, it wasn't our turn yet so me and my friends decided to explore the area. they all went to the backstage and somehow, me and my other friend were left behind. so we walked around the area, u know, the corridor where there r many rooms to the left n right. the place where there are the squash, pingpong n other rooms.

it was kinda dark that time coz no one was playing. all the rooms were locked with these heavy chains. wierd thing was, when we passed one of the rooms, we heard one of our friends' laughter. no, correction. a few of our friends' laughter could be heard. and its coming from one of the rooms with these heavy chains. i even remembered the colour of the door. it was red. above the door were glass windows and i looked up. i was confused coz im sure that no one's inside. above all, the room inside was dark.

me and my friend thought that they were playing wit us so we called out to them. i even walked towards the door and pushed, trying to yank it open. then the laughters stopped. i tried again but obviously, it wouldn't budge. it was then that i realised something was wrong. i looked at my friend and we made eye contact. no words were said, we both dashed out of there as fast as our short legs could carry us. we reached the far end of the corridor and went to the backstage to find all our friends there. and we asked them whether they were playing a trick on us. their puzzled faces told me that they had no idea what happened. after that, i never dared to walk into that area again.

i guess that's about it. does that count? XP i didn really saw anything, just heard. man its freaky enough for me! the most scary part is that that corridor was really deserted eventhough it was in the afternoon and its really dark. *chills*

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