May 29, 2008


went to seria today. got my hair straightened. Yippie yay! -.-'' haha.. at least i dont look like a witch anymore.. esp with that big hermione hair. anyways i spent over B$100 today on clothes and stuffs. i mean it when i say i wont hesitate to use my savings. hee =D mind u, i usually dont do this. but i'm happy now and thats what matters right? =D

do u ever feel like someone's copying ur style or anything? that would really creep me out. u know, like that person wanna be like u or perhaps he/she just wanna feel included in your oh-so-socialized life. oh its nothing. i was just thinking out loud =P

i went to this aerobic class in lumut near makrojaya called 'nem fitness something something' just now. its not bad, but im not that gud in latin aerobics, the type which u wud have to shake ur bootie and rotate it. too much detail? haha.. xD

oyeah, thanx vancetan(tan zh) 4 da blog voting thingy. i really have no idea until shala visited ur blog and i saw this geek with big hermione hair wearing a spec staring back at me.(I meant me, not u =D) haha.. really surprised me.. thanx thanx.. =)

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