May 30, 2008

Piercing, anyone?



Hopefully now is better? =P anyway, I’m still me so I believe it doesn’t matter.

Some random pic. If you’re good in analyzing and stuff, u’ll know immediately that I was faking a smile. Yesh that smile is mine. (wtf...) haha


For those who are interested in ear piercing, here’s a general picture of an ear and the names of each respective piercing. Interesting huh? Did you notice that there is actually no type of piercing which goes straight through ur ear cartilage in the insides of ur ear?

I mean…

By the way, say hello to my right ear. Hee..=D

I saw people who did some piercing there. It might not be an actual standard one but I think it looks nice. So maybe, hopefully, I’ll be able to experience it someday. I don’t think I’m gonna do it in Brunei though…coz most of the people here are amateurs. >.<>

Don’t worry, this pic has nothing to do with ear piercing. Haha.. meet the victim of my brutal cat. Its not exactly my cat, that four legged creature just walked to my house one day and has never left since then. He’s one evil cat, I tell u. I hate him!! Um.. have I told you that that poor gross thing used to be a bird? Now, I couldn’t even figure out which is its head. Even mourrie, my female cat, ain’t this cruel. =.= sigh…

This is for the girls. Have u gals tried the bodyshop’s nail polish? I mean the one which people usually use for French manicure. I’d really recommend u that one coz it worked really well. Its not THAT expensive either. 10 bucks should cover it.

Kinda looked like this once u used it. I’m truly sorry if u puked when u c this pic.. =P

I guess that’s about it. Is my post more uni-sex this time? u tell me =D

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