May 11, 2008

mother's day

mother's day will forever be an awkward day for me. i'm not the type who's realy close with my mum. we're just okay i guess. however, me and my sis did gave her some bodyshop products as gifts. and we ate dinner. duh- haha but all the food is tapau(ed) from restaurants. me and sharon just dont cook. at least the food is guaranteed to be delicious =P

anyway, me, kaeli and the twins are supposed to get together today at seria coz they plan to go to the arcade- again and also do some piercings. but it was cancelled. so i went with sharon and did the piercing alone =/ sigh. it was then that i realised it doesnt really hurt. oh btw, da piercing that i said the last time, anti-tragus, i had it mistaken. supposed to be called rouk. hehee=3 maybe some other day..

i didnt know piercing the other parts of the body could be so expensive. my friend, eky, told me that in m'sia, belly button piercing could be as expensive as B$100+. its usually done in a tattoo shop. i tink its dat xpensive coz they really follow the standard procedure. did u know that the gun used for piercing the ear shouldn't be used anywhere else except for the ear lobe? not even on the cartilage, the top part of ur ear with the soft bones. but here in brunei, they used it for everwhere. i remembered going to a saloon and piercing the lower part of my lips and they used the gun for dat. i had to take it off coz the 'earring' was really uncomfortable. dammit.

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