May 20, 2008

A chance

I was invited to go to this briefing along with more than 90students last sat to MOE for the scholarship at JIS. they say whoever's interested could take the form and if many applied, they would interview each of the students. however, my friend told me only 20+ ppl took the form. MOE said that if only few applied, no interview would b needed n they would just sent those who applied.

at first, im not really interested in the scholarship. coz its realy far at bandar and inconvenient. but then my friend told me that after studying for 2 years for the alevels at JIS, the government will sent the students to UK for 3 years. yeap, UK!! wow.. the first thing that popped into my mind is 'oh god! i can finally cure my pimples!! UK's damn cold! wow...' but of course, i couldn just go there to 'cure' my pimples. sigh, so i decided not to take the scholarship. haha..

another reason is because if i was chosen, i'd end up being a teacher- one of the stuff that was and will never be seen in my 'goals-in-life' list. okay, now i'm cursing myself. touch wood. =D FYI, if u take the scholarship, u'd have to sign a 5year contract with the government to become a teacher and nothing else. waargggh... that scholarship is a trap. and above all, i'm not exactly the type who is good in my studies. i just did fairly well. average only.. xD hehee

i sure hope i wont regret making this decision later on. coz my friends kept urging me to apply. if i dont end up as a tcher, i would have applied when i was 3. =P hmm.. life is a complex equation that one could never solve.

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