May 3, 2008

a moderate saturday

its so hard to concentrate in math class today. its either my brain is really slow or the teacher's talking really fast. either way, i still couldn't concentrate. i could hear what she said though, i just didn't listen. XD

i didnt have any eco class today! lucky me^^ but i went to this talk at the hall about scholarships. i'm not interested in scholarships. i don't wanna b far away from home. anyways GP class in the afternoon was uneventful. more than half the class escaped though =P i've never escaped a class before, coz i don't wanna miss class unless the school had any functions. which is why i pray everyday that there would b a function in school. muahahaha XP

after school, i went to excapade with sharon. hehee (i know u hate me, fatin. lols) i even saw my childhood friend, dahiyah. =) she's working part-time at excapade while waiting for results from MTSSR. best of luck!^^

its so boring staying at home on a saturday night. i was actually planning to go watch some movie with my old time buddy, kiong. but he wasn't familiar with the bandar roads and OGDC's movie is really outdated. above all, it about romance. and kiong's the type who sleeps if the movie's really boring. (he fell asleep while watching enchanted when the movie started less than 30mins ago -.-'') i dont wanna hear him snore so i cancelled it. XD bored bored.. =(

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