May 20, 2008

lunch time

A fight broke out during lunch time at school just now. girls pulling and yanking at each other's hair as the tudung went way out of place. did i mention that they are gals? XP duh.. haha anyway, they r pre-u1 students. yeap. embarassing right? i mean, come on, ure a pre-UNIVERSITY student. please la. sigh..

me and my friends did a presentation in GP class just now. i think it was better than the last presentation i did. wasn't that nervous anymore. some of my friends, as usual, are pros. XD *clap clap* oyeah, i dont have any eco class tomorrow.. yay! and no GP class dis sat.. yay again! =D but the mid-year xam's next week. T.T

wanna say thanx to fatin, syahida and ajim for the gifts. hee.. xD btw, i cant believe i actually fell asleep in math class. more that 5 times. haha each time is no more than a minute. one second, i was listening to what the teacher is saying and the next i'm dreaming about these random stuffs. damn.. so hard to stay awake. above all, i sat in right in front of the teacher. T.T I really need to sleep earlier before the dark circles start to visit me. =P

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