May 4, 2008

Today is a Fun Sunday


I woke up this morning and went to sharon's room. Then she showed me this DVD that she bought which i wanted to buy for a LONG LONG time. "Little bride". a korean movie. i know i've watched that movie before but still..its just so funny!^^ i got jealous and start to complain that she'd buy that dvd just to make me jealous. (yeap, she sometimes bought stuffs that she knew i liked just to show me that she can afford it and i couldn't.) T.T Then she told me that she bought it for me. *Gasps* Awwww sis, u shouldn't =). Thanx.. hehee

Kaeli invited me to atfrenz cafe today but i have tons of homework which i havent completed yet so i couldnt go. i've finished it now, and i'm at atfrenz cafe with my sis and her 'friend' ehem ehem. lols. but kaeli went back home already. sigh.. she invited me to go watch bball with her at seria too. but i'm not sure if i'm going.yet.

I bought this pair of socks last year but i havent use it for shopping yet. =(


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