July 6, 2009

Sclera lens :D

School's been reopened. Unbelievably, the first day ain't that bad coz two classes were cancelled and the P3 Mathematics paper test was also cancelled.

So... I wanna blog about tennis but I'm pretty sure that whoever reads this is not interested. T.T Plus, Shala had blogged about it. Click here for her update on Wimbledon's final...

I've been browsing for pretty pictures again... Can't help it. Found some colourful stuffs to share. :D






I know I know, I'm always putting up arts that don't belong to me. Well, I really love art but I suck at it... Okay, don't say I didn't try:

Still... I suck! -_-

Here's some other pics that I manage to take:

Sun so annoying. Btw, the orange thingy helps block radiation from the notebook...

Sharon (My view)

Me (Sharon's view)

Oh and here's two of many sclera lenses that I'm seriously craving for:

Granite sclera lens

Black sclera lens

Both images from here. Click for more outrageous lenses! <3

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