July 18, 2009

Mad about contacts

Okay, guess what?? I'm currently MAD about these Geo Contact Lenses and a friend (Frieda =D) gave me this website which sells these lenses in... you're right! Brunei! Finally!! DclosetDclosetDcloset sells them on facebook too but this Q4Geo website, offers a much cheaper price! I'm not trash talking anyone, just stating a fact. Go on, click it!

I know I get fascinated easily by the teeniest of things but don't you worry, I'm still lovin' the sclera lens, fake eyelashes and the tongue piercing. <3

Credits: chic-venue.blogspot.com/, link1, link2, link3

Er, I think I posted too many images. :D Well, you get the picture. So... I'm definitely gonna order a few pairs of 'em in the near future.

Especially to geo angel grey & green, the black circle & also nudy blue: Please wait for momma for momma will come for you! <3

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