July 22, 2009

Clutch Bags, heels and squeals!

I've always loved this time of the month. Yeah, the time of the month where every lady queues up in front of the ATM machine with dumb smiles plastered on their faces; thinking of where they're gonna spend that hard-earned cash that weekend. Though I'm still a student, and that time of the month never concerns me, I still love it.

Wanna know why? It's coz I'm always broke. -_- Lame, I know. Hey, I'm just a student okay? Give me a lil' break here! Anyways, since I'm always broke, I don't always get to see myself spending on those lovely items sitting on their racks, waiting and calling out for me. So... I watch other people spend instead. :D Eventhough it's not as satisfying as spending the cash myself, it'll have to do for now. =(

I know what y'all thinking... Gladiator heels!! Yeap, I love 'em too! <3

And what girl doesn't like bags? Just look at these clutch bags and you'll know what I mean:



Look at these PRADA bags!!! <3


Sigh... :) Just trying to show you a lil' piece of my heaven.

1 comment:

  1. Want all these gladiator heels and these beautiful clutch bags!



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