July 11, 2009

Fake eyelashes


I have a feeling that this post is gonna be a girly one. :D Don't read it if you're not interested.


Fake eyelashes. Yeap, I love 'em.

Here's why:

1) They make your eyelashes appear fuller. (Duh!)

2) Really does make your eye pops.

3) Brings more focus to your eye.

4) Improves your attraction rate?? lol... seriously rocommended for asian people who barely have any eyelashes at all. Like me, for one.

5) Make yourself feel a lot less ugly? :D

6) Finished with my ideas, just think of some on your own.

Anyways, I've bought only a few pairs but for those of you who are interested, it's always best to buy better quality ones as the bands are softer, which means that it'll feel more comfortable. Plus, it's really easy to apply when the bands are soft and flexible. P.S. don't use the $1.80 ones coz' they suck.

I just bought a pair from The Face Shop which ain' t that bad and is actually very affordable so no worries! Plus they're really cute~! Here's the one I bought:

And here's some other fake eyelashes that I've found on the net:





Anyways, I liked these too:



So who says only girls can wear them?? I'm not sexist! :D That second picture of JeffreeStar is so pretty~!! xDD

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