July 20, 2009

New skin again

I know I know, I changed my blogger template again. Well, I was actually satisfied with the one before but someone a.k.a. Shala told me that the other skin is too dull and that it doesn't suit me! Yeah How dare she! She somehow manipulated my mind into changing it to... THIS! So how is it? Not too bad right? Except the side bars on the right which looks kinda crammed. =(

My dad brought me and Shala to Bandar yesterday coz we were bored at home plus Shala owes me a pouch. She lost mine at work. -_- Ended up buying me a wallet instead and here it is!

It's really very cheap, only $11.90!

My cousin recently recommended me to play FarmVille on facebook. I wonder if it's any fun... Been playing some other games on facebook so I didn't manage to play that one and by other games, i mean *coughcough MouseHunt cough*...

Oh which reminds me! I haven't watch Transformers2. I probably shouldn't mention that coz it's embarassing. I mean, who else in this world haven't watch it?!? Aside from me, of course. I haven't watch the latest Harry Potter movie also and is currenly listening to its audiobook, which is a great idea for those who suffers from insomnia. It's the same routine for me everytime: Listen then sleep. xD

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