June 3, 2012

The Face Shop: Happy Chu Lip

Walked in to The Face Shop the other day just to browse around and was greeted with "Hi, Welcome to Face Shop!" I noticed that many of the staff in beauty stores here greet people whenever someone walks into their store and they'll greet you once again when you leave even though you bought nothing haha I think it adds a nice touch to the store, it makes the store a whole lot more approachable. 

Anyways, I haven't been to TFS for a while now and decided to go in to see if there's anything new. The sales lady told me that there are a few new things like their new summer products and also this new line of lip stuff from their Lovely ME:EX collection. I've been searching high and low for a good orange lip product and I saw this one from the new collection and picked it up.

The Face Shop Happy Chu Lip in OR201

The five colors available

I got the orange shade for roughly B$12. It's not cheap for a tinted lip balm but I thought I'd give this a try since I hardly ever use TFS's lip products. tbh, this is only my second lip product from TFS! The other was their lip and cheek tint which I love!

The amount of product available

Now that I think about it, I'd rather spend that money on a Revlon Lip Butter! haha just because Revlon Lip Butters are more pigmented and you can get a lip balm like this for way cheaper at Guardian!

 The Face Shop Happy Chu Lip in OR201 swatched

The color payoff is decent for a lip balm and I like how glossy and smooth my lips feel after applying this. It moisturizes the lips without feeling overly slick. This product does have a subtle scent to it though, it reminds me of erasers with fragrances that I love to buy when I was a kid haha

I'm wearing Happy Chu Lip OR201 on my lips

 Well, I still am searching for an orange colored lip product! I wanna get something more pigmented but nothing too vibrant of course lol Just wanna try it out to see if it suits my skin tone. Plus, orange can be a fun color to wear on the lips!


  1. Missha's Lip Tint in Moisture Orange might interest you, but of course it comes with a hefty price of $29.90 =/

  2. @ImahAziz thanks for the info! I've never actually looked around the new Missha store yet, guess I have a good reason to do that now!

    @SarahMohamad Thank you! x

  3. Your lips look so pretty and soft! Wish there was more pigmentation though. :( Thanks for sharing!

  4. @Amyboo I know right!! Me too.. :/ and thanks for the compliment! :)



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