June 12, 2012

My new haircut + FOTD

I initially wanted to grow my hair out this holiday just for fun but it started to annoy me so much! haha I think it's because it's always in my face and the drying time after a hair wash takes forever. So I cut off a good few inches and I decided to get some bangs as well because my hair has been parted to the side for years now and I figured I would get some bangs just for a change.

Before and after

The ends of my hair are super dry and damaged and my hair feels so much lighter and healthier after the haircut.

Before and after

I'm still not used to the bangs tbh! haha I rarely ever have bangs because I'm not sure if it fits my face shape or something like that. But since it's the holidays I went for it. I can always grow it out if I decided that it look horrible on me and by the time the new semester started I would have my normal side part again! Smart eh. lol

Anyways, here's a random FOTD from a couple of weeks before! It's what I normally wear on my eyes and face but with false lashes.



  1. Ur before photo is before u cut ur hair? hehe.. cos the before and after doesnt look much difference but the 'after' photo looks like ur hair is more thicker~ hehe~ nice~!

  2. @pinkie yup. ahaha thanks!

    @bloghok thank you!

  3. Definitely it looks great.. Really! It made me wanna shape my hair too..

  4. @gasilhane thanks for the compliment! and you should if you wanted to, its fun! :D



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