June 9, 2012

L'Oreal Base Magique Primer

I realise that nowadays it's becoming easier to find primers in stores here in Brunei. A few years back I was just starting to get interested in the use of primers and went around town to see if I could find one. I searched all over the place and just can't seem to find a store selling em! I remembered walking in to The Body Shop and asking if they sell primers and they look puzzled. ugh you have no idea how frustrating it was! 

Luckily for me I found Laneige's Sebum Comtrol Primer which I am still loving very much! It's a little bit pricey though so I'd always be on the lookout for cheaper alternatives. Then I saw this at Guardian!

L'Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

Description at the back of the box

Funnily enough I can't find this in the KB branch or even the Sg. Liang branch. My brother bought this for me from Seria's Guardian. Yes I have a younger brother who buys me makeup! #win If I'm not mistaken this retails for roughly B$25. 

I wondered if this primer is similar to L'Oreal's Studio Secrets Primer because they seem to have the same packaging. Only the names are different.  I googled pictures of the Studio Secrets Primer and the color and texture from the pictures are similar to this Base Magique Primer! If so, I don't know why they would wanna give a different name to the same products but I digress...

L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional primer. Def similar to the Base Magique Transforming Smoothing primer!

The texture of this primer is creamy and it's not the gel-like texture that many primers come in with. It takes little effort to blend into the skin and I find that it leaves my skin feeling pretty smooth! Applying primer always assures me that my skin is ready for foundation haha because I notice that my pores are more visible if I didn't apply a layer of primer on my face beforehand =/ I also like the fact that my foundation lasts a lot longer with the primer on and it also takes a longer period of time before my skin gets oily. I rarely ever put on my makeup without a primer. 9 times out of 10 I'd apply them.

What I'm trying to say is, primers are essential!!

I quite like that the L'Oreal Base Magique primer doesn't have a strong scent to it. I recently gave the Revlon Photoready primer (it's just released in Guardian along with the Revlon Photoready mousse foundation, go check them out!) a sniff and it smelled like Jacob biscuits! I kid you not!

This is definitely something I'd repurchase but I would probably give the Revlon Photoready primer a try too before I decide which is the one I'd like to use as a staple item.


  1. thanks for the heads up! much more affordable than Korean primers that can cost up to $35++

  2. Ooooo. I've never tried any of the L'oreal primers before. I see them in drugstores a lot though.

    I normall use e.l.f. mineral primer which is 6 USD on their website. It works tremendously well, but there isn't very much product in each tub...You might want to try it out though!

  3. @amyboo I wanted to get some from paloma at the mall but they were always sold out! :/ thanks for the info though!



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