June 6, 2012

Garnier BB Eye Roll-On

I've been wanting to get my hands on Garnier's BB Eye Roll-on every since I saw it on Guardian's shelves but I never got around to buy it until recently. Mainly because I already have one sitting at home which is the regular yellow packaging clear Roll-on for the eyes. I love it to bits and I use it twice a day everyday just for that cooling effect. I heard that it's supposed to make the eyes look less puffy and brighten the under-eye area at the same time. 

Anyways, I decide to get the BB Eye Roll-on in the end because I can't stand staring at it every single time I visit Guardian. #nolife

Garnier BB Eye Roll-On

Garnier BB Eye Roll-on

I'm not so sure why they are calling it BB. Perhaps they wanted to be associated with the popular BB Creams in the market and thought the product might sell easier with the label 'BB' plastered on the product. Why not jump on the bandwagon too right? haha Anyways, I don't think the product comes with SPF in it, there are no mention of sun-protecting ingredients on the packaging.
  Benefits and uses of the product
  The Light and Light BB Eye Roll-on

The obvious difference between these two is that one is clear and another is tinted. I use the BB Eye Roll-on on days when I have to put makeup on just to brighten up my dark circles. I like how light the product feels on my skin and it also blends into my skin quite well!

I guess the one thing about this product that I'm not entirely fond of is that the application area gets quite messy with each use. Also I have to make sure that my face is clean prior to using this because this is a roll-on product and God knows how many times I have to use this stick over and over again on my face till it runs out. Better to be safe than sorry! 

Light BB Eye Roll-on swatched and blended out

Before and after using the product

 I've read some reviews saying that this product dries their skin out but it works fine for me. I don't have sensitive skin and normally don't break out from using makeup products so I guess I'm lucky lol I now prefer using this than any other concealers for my under-eye area because it's easy to apply, easy to blend and is cooling on my skin! This is also good for me because I don't have very serious dark circles so I don't need heavy coverage concealers. 

Overall I think this is worth the money I paid for! I got this for roughly B$13. I have been using the regular light Roll-on for quite some time now and there's still some product left in it so I know it's gonna last me a long time. Plus with this BB Roll-on a little goes a long way!

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