June 22, 2012

Makeup gifts from Izzy and her sis!

Just wanna dedicate this post to the makeup gifts that I received from Izzy and her sister. I tried some of the makeup already and they are gorgeous! Not gonna say much, let the pictures do the talking! :D

MAC MSF in Smooth Merge, Stereo Rose and Sunny by Nature


I have always been fascinated by MAC's MSFs but I never get the chance to buy them because most of MAC MSFs are limited edition! I did manage to get hold of the permanent ones, Gold Deposit and Soft and Gentle but I wanted to try the rest too! Especially those blush colored and highlighters which comes out once in a while with a new collection. So these three are without a doubt precious to me! My precious... lol!
MAC Paint Pots in Rollickin', Blackground and Coral Crepe

I never own any Paint Pots before so I was super excited to try these! Many use them as a base but I think they can be used as eyeshadows as well.. right? Because I swatched these and once they dry it's so hard to get them off! I had to scrub my hands to remove the product. Very impressive. Me lavhs!
  MAC Cremeblend blush in Joie-De-Vivre and Cream Color Base in Rich Coral

Tried the Cremeblend blush too and I love it! Seems like I'm loving everything so far haha but it's true! It looks a little peachy on the pan but when swatched it gives this super pretty pink colored blush!
Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel and Estee Lauder Golden Bronze Goddess

Finally know what the hype is all about in youtube because the Chanel bronzer is phenomenal! loves!!

MAC Pigment in Rose

One word. GORGEOUS!! When you see it in another light, the gold reflects the light and it is so naise I have no word that I can think of to describe it! Here lemme show you!
There you go lol Right, right?? I think this jar of pigment was hardly used too because it was literally filled to the top!
Clockwise: MAC Hello Kitty palette in Lucky Tom and Too Dolly, Victoria's Secret Bejeweled Eyes palette

Tried the MAC palettes and I especially like the lightest color from Lucky Tom, the yellow toned eyeshadow. It's so pigmented it's perfect for the inner corners of the eye as a highlight! The VS's palette I have yet to try and I can't wait! So that is all of the pictures of the makeup I got. I cannot imagine how much they're worth in total! Makes me shudder to think about it lol And I'm so grateful to be able to receive them as gifts! Izzy, rest assured all the makeup are in good hands lol Thanks so much!

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