March 1, 2009

Look at the stars and how they shine for you


I had the most sudden experience yesterday after dance classes. It involves me and some others such as the ignition, steering wheel, gear shift, accelerator, brake and clutch. It was the freakiest thing ever for me coz the whole thing is so random and unexpected I don’t have any time to prepare myself for it. And most of all, I sucked at it. Damn. I’ll never forget that day.

But I have to admit, it’s one of the most thrilling experience I have. Hahaha… xD Like me and a big new toy I just have to learn to control. I hope I could master it before my 18th birthday… =D


Have you guys ever watched the series ‘Chuck’? I know it’s not new or what but I’ve just recently started watching it and damn it’s funny… I think it’s better than ‘Monk’, ‘Eureka’… and maybe even ‘House’ =P and I’ve just finished watching CSI: Miami season 6 yesterday. I was like “WTF?!? No SHIT!!” It’s the best season they’ve had so far… Haven’t started season 7 though… Phew, so many things happening on TV comparing to my real life.

If I’m not mistaken, I think the Pre-U1s are coming in tomorrow. I’m quite excited as there’ll be a few of my friends coming in as well. Yipee! xDD

Oyeah… as a random add on, there’s this song… I think it’s coldplay’s first single or something, called ‘Yellow’. I love the lyrics, the music and the song. Okay, let’s just say I love everything about it. Nice!

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