February 25, 2009

Do bless me.


I’m so disappointed that I wasn’t chosen to go to Bandar today. I mean, I really wanna go coz I’m interested in the memorial talk. Plus, I only have 1 class today: Maths (Duh!) It’s the perfect opportunity. I have definitely lost my faith on a teacher today.

I noticed that it’s very easy for me to express negatively towards anything. Give me something, anything and I could say everything that is wrong with it. And everything that’s ugly about it. I think I need to be a lil’ more optimistic. But everything around me seems so discouraging it’s hard to think of anything positive to think about. It’s no wonder why people love chocolate so much. =] It sure does cheer people up, even if the effect is minimal.

I have recently met a girl and she’s very positive about things it bothered me. How can a person be so certain about how things will work out in the end? I feel like I wanna shake her awake. But perhaps I am the one who needs the shaking. -_-


Recently, I’ve read about the bull sign, Taurus. As it turns out, Taurus is a negative female sign. This kinda surprise me as the bull has always struck me as a masculine sign. So anyway, yeah.

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