February 14, 2009

Conch piercing

The one inside the ear is a conch piercing. XD

Guess what? I finally did the Conch piercing I’ve always wanted! xDDD I’m so happie right now.. haha… I did it myself though and I can’t say that it didn’t hurt coz I have to Pierce thrice before I got it right.

I’ve been thinking bout getting it done by myself as I’ve went to three places before this and was told that that kinda piercing isn’t available coz the piercing gun couldn’t reach the spot. I tried Alice Michael Fashion in KB, a saloon and a jewelry store in Seria. Yeah, lame.

So I did some research on it and found out that many did their own ear-piercings. The helix, anti-tragus, tragus, conch… you name it, they’ve got it! Nice, huh? xD So, I prepared my own equipments and sterilize them myself.

First, I got myself the biggest safety pin I could find. Plus there’s also the piercing earrings I used before from my old piercings. Then I just boil them for a while. After that my hands are washed and cleaned with Isopropyl alcohol, along with the safety pin and the earrings. Ears were cleaned too to prevent infection.

After that I used ice cubes to numb my cartilage. Then I soak my hands with the alcohol to clean it again and then I used the safety pin and push it through my cartilage. Pop. It made this really weird sound like when you poke a chicken’s cartilage with a needle. A crunching sound. Its kinda freaky. And its so weird to see a safety pin in your ear. xD

Then I pulled the pin out and replaced it with the earring. I noticed that its really hard to get it in but I pushed anyway. Pop and Crunch. Hm… strange. The earring was too short it didn’t pass through all the way. So I pulled it out again and I saw two red spots in my ear. Shit.

I pierced my ears twice at two different points. Dammit. I didn’t even know I aimed wrongly when I tried to replace my earring. Which means that I did another hole the second time. This is really starting to hurt.

So I numb my ear with the ice cubes again. This time, I skipped the safety-pin process and went straight to the ear-piercing. Another Pop and Crunch. The earring when straight through this time. I used an alcohol-soaked cotton behind my ear to clean the blood and stuff.

All this took no longer than half an hour. I feel kinda nauseous after that from all the adrenaline rush. Soft piano melodies were being played in the background and I lay down for a few seconds. After that I used the stub and viola, a conch piercing is created! =D


  1. I also pierced my conch in 2 places !! Its amazing & heard / felt the same sensation :P although mine didn't hurt :S I just used a normal stud, pushed it through. Left it in for a while now I have a barbell in it . Have you pierced anything else yourself ?? xD

  2. awesome. haha im using a normal stud earring on it. Healed nicely, no bumps or anything weird. :P Since then i've only gotten an industrial piercing and I went to a shop to get that. This conch piercing is the only one i DIY-ed. :)

  3. A little while ago I pierced my own cartilage and my..i don't really know, it's like in the middle of my ear on the lobe but like..nevermind. They were painful but it was SO worth it.
    Now I'm obsessed with piercings... So is the conch basically the same amount of pain as the cartilage? Since they're both, well, cartilage..?I really wanna pierce something elsseee

  4. I believe they have the same amount of pain haha but then again it's not the piercing that's painful, its the few seconds after when the throbbing starts. :S i'd definitely recommend anyone who wants any piercing to go to a tattoo shop or something to get it pierced. Pierce at your own risk! :)



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