February 9, 2009

Plastic surgery (part ii)

Okay, here I am, posting about plastic surgery again. I noticed that there are some people from other countries visiting this blog due to the last post i did last year. So, here’s part two. Haha… I don’t really mind coz I enjoy looking at how much a person’s look can change after going under the knife.

I’m not against plastic surgery and I just wanna to make that clear now. For me, it’s like, “Go ahead if you could afford it”. It’s no biggie really. It’s true though, would you rather have naturally pretty girls who can’t act nor sing or those who are really talented who wishes to perform so much that even the idea of having plastic surgery couldn’t stop them?

Plus, since they’ve gone under the knife, the world would at least have a few additions of pretty girls to look at. Believe me, it’s a win-win situation. Anyhoos, everyone seems to be doing it nowadays, especially Korean artists. In fact, I think there might be more artists who have undergone plastic surgery compared to those who haven’t. So, here’s the pics:

(Ps let me remind you that all these images posted below are obtained purely from images.google.com. They are not mine.)

YoonA... cute! =D

Sunny from Girl's Generation!! Shocking!!

This is heoyon from Girl's generation!! xD

Freaky, huh? xDD

This gal's pretty both before and after!

That's it for now...... time to get back to my homework. -_-"

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