February 3, 2009

Year outlook for horse and goat =P

I’m at it again. Oh and by the way, I wonder if you guys are interested in horoscope. I know that it’s kinda late for me to post this but hey, from what I heard, Chinese horoscope’s only effective starting tomorrow. I’ll just post the one for horse and goat coz I know many of my friends are from those two years. Well, here’s some for this year’s outlook from: http://shine.yahoo.com/page/2009-chinese-horoscope/


Horse Overview

The Horse may have a challenging year ahead. You may become frustrated with the lack of progress in your career, but you will have to be patient to see the results of your hard work. Beware of your energy levels, as you tend to swing in accordance to your success. You will have to work hard to steer yourself out of ruts with healthy activities and other projects that keep you active. Take comfort in your loved ones and friends who will provide support for you in times of need. Be open to try new things and heed the advice of others in the year of the Ox.

Horse Rating

32% (4 neutral and 8 unfavorable months)

Horse Career

The Horse may not see the success that you have become accustomed in the year of the Ox. You may have to revise your usual tactics and maintain steady discipline to see small gains. Don't allow the lack of results to steer you away from your efforts, as they may not be apparent until next year. It would be wise to gain the confidence of your co-workers, as they may provide a useful means to furthering your pursuits.

Horse Relationships

It would be wise to take caution in your relations. In order for the Horse to have success with personal relations in the year of the Ox, pay attention to the needs of those around you and listen. Hesitate before expressing what is on your mind to spare the feelings of others. At times, you may be so preoccupied with your own activities that you forget the needs of those around you. Step outside of your own world to take care of the ones you love. The single

Horse may have trouble this year finding a meaningful, long lasting relationship.

Horse Health

Hard work doesn't come without a price. Your health may suffer due to stress. You may experience periods of low energy, which may leave your immune system vulnerable. You may find that you need more sleep to maintain a functioning level of vitality. It wouldn't hurt to implement a routine of daily exercise, possibly jogging, to allow your endorphin level to keep you running with a high level of energy.

Horse Wealth

One positive area this year may be with your finances, as long as you spend wisely. Don't succumb to lavish spending or any extravagant whims. Plan your spending throughout this year and you will be able to amass a sum that is suitable for making some improvements in your life in the future. With care, you will do well in your financial matters.

Goat Overview

This may not be as favorable as a year that you desire. Coming off the year of the Rat, you may be seeking relief from the difficult year. Don't let up now. The Goat is artistic in nature and you may have difficulties finding a way to express your creative passions. It will take an extra effort to rely on the help of others to make it through these times, but if you keep a steady focus on your goals and display painstaking efforts, you will be pleased to see the fruits of your labor arrive next year. Don't fret, as you may learn a lot about yourself in the process. You may learn that you are more versatile, as well as resourceful, than you ever imagined.

Goat Rating

32% (5 neutral and 7 unfavorable months)

Goat Career

Career prospects are fair this year for the Goat. It is wise to take a conservative approach to your work this year. Stay focused on what you are accomplishing, the end result. Projects and goals may not mature until the early part of next year and this could create a sense of frustration and pessimism if you allow it. Break your year down to short term goals and focusing on accomplishing them. This will detract from the patience it will take from your long term situation. Have faith in your skills and don't let anyone deter you from your path.

Goat Relationships

The Goat may find solace in your family relations this year, as they will offer you the support you need to see through challenging situations. You may also see a lot of new faces in your life, as you are prone to meet new people this year. Relationships fare well for you, but you may have to be a little more outgoing than you are used to being, in order to see your relationship progress to a higher level. The single Goat may be blessed to have several suitors this year.

Goat Health

If you don't make some changes in your routine, you may experience health issues this year. Watch what you eat, as this will go a long way towards living a healthier life. Be patient, as you may experience an illness in the winter months that zaps your energy for a longer period of time than you desire. Make sure that you get plenty of rest to counter these possibilities.

Goat Wealth

Finances could be an issue this year. You may find that even with your conservative efforts, you are coming up short on your budget. If you manage your spending and plan your finances, you will make it through the year. You may have to wait until next year to see the fruits of your labor, as it promises to be more profitable than this year.

Actually, I wanna post about plastic surgery… again. Haha… I just thought that it might be interesting to watch the before and after image. =P Guess I’ll do it another time

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