March 29, 2009

Unexpected twist of the night

Yesterday's event was kinda funny. Kaeli picked me, the twins, and Cavan at around 6pm plus and we went to pick up her birthday cake which reads 'Happy sexy 17th birthday to Kaeli. I love me.' Yeah, how wierd is that lol... Then we went to excapade Sushi at 7pm.

I don't know if its the fact that we're all really hungry or what, but we finished eating at 7.30pm, 30 minutes later with our stomach full of Sushi and raw meat. xDD So we were like, "Okay.... now what??" Then I remembered that there's this party at Plaza Sutera Biru and so we just went there.


This party is quite packed, we bought the last few tickets. I actually thought that there'd be some lucky draw or what but there's none. And it ends really early. There's a lot of dancing going on and only two slow songs were played. The music wasn't loud enough though, they say that the speaker was like broken or something. Pacah bunyinya...

Finally reached home around 12midnight. Phew... what a random night! =D


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