March 19, 2009



Reading storybooks have been my latest craze. Sometimes I feel like a street junkie who couldn’t get enough of the feeling of emancipation when the drug swept through his system. Yah, how crazy is that, being addicted to reading.

I went to the dance studio yesterday alone, since two of my friends ‘dropped me an aeroplane’. (Ask a Chinese for translation). Anyways, there’s this lady who has this gorgeous tattoo on her upper back. Sigh… I heard that it’s cheap to get tattoos in the Philippines. I think it’s because it’s really easy to get access to tattoo parlors and everyone seems to be doing it nowadays. Obviously, things get cheap when everyone has it already.

This tattoo below is like the prettiest tattoo I've ever seen man... A living art.Nice huh?


-po-po- poker face~

Po-po- poker face~

By the way, that song’s been in my head forever.

I don’t think I’m gonna enjoy this holiday at all coz there’ll be tons of homework waiting for me and I foresee much stress and aggravation at the end of it. The preliminary exam. Fuck. I love exams as much as I love having dead frogs in my shoes and under my pillow.


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