March 13, 2009


I finally removed myself from the debate club a few days ago. You know what, it’s not like I hate the club or anything. I just hated the fact that I have to debate. Watching people debate may be fun but doing it just sucks for me. I’ve told my friends many times over; if I don’t wanna do it, I won’t do it. Yeah, stubborn as hell. But hey, that’s just me.

I guess everyone has already been informed that Mr.TG had an accident. I don’t know bout Fatin but I actually see it as a good opportunity to get out of the club. So anyways, hope he’ll get back on his feet soon.

Which reminds me, it’s Fatin’s birthday a few days ago so…. Happy Birthday girl! Yeah I know I know, you’re the prettiest and sexiest girl in the whole universe. Talk about vanity. =P haha… kiddin’ girl. Stay hippie and animated alright? I bet the boys will line up for you in no time at all! xDDD

Fatin, Me and Ain

Maths class nowadays is kinda glum… I think it’s because now that she’s teaching an extra class she gets kinda irritated by the slightest thing. Like all of us must hand in our work before 7.45am or get bombed by her. I don’t blame her, really. I think. Maybe. I don’t know.

Moving on to American Idol... (like I’m in a talk show or what -_-“) Jorge and Jasmine’s finally out of the game. Okay, I admit defeat. I’m ‘unabandoning’ Michael Sarver!!! Hahaha… can’t help it. His performance this week is amazing. My heroooooo~~~ wahahaha… I like Danny Gokey too. His smile is like so innocent. Cute!! xDDD Sigh… I like them all wa… How this??! =P

I've seen the pic of Adam Lambert kissing and i'm speechless. U guys wanna see it? I think this is the 'tamer' one. WARNING FIRST AH... PG-18 here hehee...




Wohoo... i think the gays who've seen this photo of Adam Lambert would think that he's hot.


  1. Is Adam Lambert kissing another guy in the photo.

  2. THATS FUCKIN NASTY!!!!!all dat tounge damn me and ma man do that but with candy in our mouhths

  3. lol yeaap i think that's him. hahaa



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