March 25, 2009


Right now I’m actually in the middle of doing my Math homework. I got bored so here I am.

Xiao ching and me =D

Yesterday was Xiao Ching’s 17th birthday so… Happy Belated Birthday girl! Hope you like the lil’ message on your cake.. haha… I actually woke up at 7.30am that morning. Yah, I know. Damn EARLY!!! Then I got ready and went out with Kaeli to buy some stuff for the little gathering and we bought this cute cake for xiao ching.

It was like so fucking hot when we went to seria man… as if I’m not dark enough already. Dammit. So we went to Soon Lee seria but didn’t find anything we like. Instead, we went to the Soon Lee in Sg.Liang to buy the food. Hell, as if that would make any difference. -_-“ Then we went back to Kaeli’s home and I played a lil’ on her bro’s laptop. Dell… Oooh I love that brand!! I'm sooo gonna buy Dell in the future xDDD

Ooyeah baby, you da hottest!!!

I’ve actually gone through a few of the brochures from several computer stores. I did notice that Acer is much cheaper than Dell but heck, I like Dell. But the thing is, Kaeli has already ordered a Dell notebook and Xiao Ching has decided to buy a Dell notebook as well! T.T Why oh why is God playing with me?!? I don’t have time for games! =(

Guess what, I dreamt that I’m getting a tattoo last night! Haha I know its no big deal and I really think that I’m thinking too much of it but anyhows, in my dream, no matter what, the tattooist just couldn’t ink me coz everytime she started doing it, something came up and she had to stop. Even my dreams are messing with me. -_- You want a piece of me, huh?!? Shit.

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