December 25, 2012

OOTDs: There's something about tights

Merry Christmas and happy holidays guys!

Figured I should put up a blog post tonight just because. Even though it's Tuesday today, it definitely felt like a Saturday! Which is good because we all know not everyone gets to enjoy Tuesday like it's Sat! So let me just soak this feeling in for a minute....

That felt great. lol

Anyways, I have two outfits to share today and in both of them I was wearing leggings! I have been obsessed with them lately because one, I ran out of fitted jeans to wear. Most of my jeans are straight-cut which annoys me coz I prefer them to be fitted like skinny jeans. If you are my size you'll know how hard it is to find skinny jeans that fit nicely! So leggings it is! And two, they are just too darn comfortable.


I wore this to my cousin's baby's one month old celebration at the Cottage restaurant in Kb. I was in a rush prior to leaving because I spent too much time on my hair lol So I threw on the first thing I see which is this checkered shirt I bought at Hua Ho for 50% off during their year-end sale. Got them shorts at iTop. 

I thought I might be a little overdressed for a baby's celebration dinner but turns out some of the ladies even wore evening dresses so I might be just a tad under dressed instead. haha


My unbalanced eyes said hello. 

I was trying out Revlon's whipped foundation here and I think I quite like it! Review will be up soon!

 I had to accompany my mom to Miri the other day coz she joined a singing competition at Permy Mall. The competition literally took place in the middle of the mall! They have this huge space on the first floor and a stage was set up and they just sang there. Anyway, I knew it would be a long day so I opted for something with maximum comfort. I'm wearing a sheer blouse from iTop (surprise, surprise) which has this really pretty lace detail at the collars and the top of the shoulders which you can't see in the images above. I paired the top with my torn leggings and Dr. Martens inspired booties.

You can see my bro Stephen's reflection in the TV. He is responsible for most of my OOTD shots so if you find them blurry, blame him! haha


Before and After 

I'm also using the Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation here. Pretty good coverage!

We went to Parkson last and I thought I'd go crazy once again in Sasa so I didn't spend that much before we went there just in case I wanted to get something stupidly expensive but I surprised myself once again coz I didn't get any makeup at all this time! I might know myself as much as I thought I did. In the end all I got were some shorts by Tommy Hilfiger which are super comfy I can't even! And also some other random stuff like a book and also a bag of cookies from Famous Amos which isn't much because pretty much everywhere you go you'll see the huge 'SALE' sign. I think it's because everything looked so good I wanted them all so in the end I didn't get any.

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